Angono — Rizal Province

Angono is popular as the Arts Capital of the Philippines because it is the birthplace of 2 national artists, Carlos “Botong” Francisco for Visual Arts and Maestro Lucio D. San Pedro for Music. Aside from the 2 national artists, other popular artists like Perdigon Vocalan, Jose “Pitok” Blanco and Nemesio “Nemi” Miranda are also from this town.

angono municipal hall
The Angono Municipal Hall

The town is also known as the Home of the Higantes Festival. A parade together with the Higantes is always part of the activities.

Angono is subdivided into 10 barangays namely: Bagumbayan, Kalayaan, Mahabang Parang, Poblacion Ibaba, Poblacion Itaas, San Isidro, Santo Niño, San Pedro, San Roque and San Vicente.

Angono Dream: “A clean, healthy, peaceful and orderly community, a prosperous just and humane society with Blessings of God Almighty.”

angono malakas at maganda
The park infront of Angono Municipal Hall

Places in Angono

  1. Angono Fiesta Resto
  2. Village Artist Gallery
  3. Balaw-Balaw Resto & Art Gallery
  4. Nemiranda Arthouse
  5. Da Kubo Restaurant
  6. Petroglyphs Museum
  7. Thunderbird Resort
  8. East Ridge Golf Course
  9. Vincentian Hills Seminary
  10. Blanco Tree Resto
  11. Yab Design AAA
  12. Loyola Retreat House
  13. Scrapyard Resort
  14. Regional Pilot School for the Arts
  15. Aling Eniang’s Resort
  16. Angono Municipal Hall
  17. Angono General Hospital
  18. St. Clement Parish
  19. Angono Public Market
  20. Blanco Family Museum
  21. D 2nd Gallery & Street Mural
  22. Angono Lakeside Park
  23. Angono Eco-Park
  24. Inang Bina’s Resto
  25. Tulip Function Hall

More Photos of Angono

Angono Lake Park View
Angono Lake Park View
The park infront of Angono Municipal Hall
The park infront of Angono Municipal Hall
The park infront of Angono Municipal Hall
The park infront of Angono Municipal Hall


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